Konoro Kingdom - Spies

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Spies are generated in your Statehouse (Consulate/Chancellery)


Once they have infiltrated a settlement then spies have other missions they can perform, each mission has to be researched before it is available to your spies. To research missions you need to click on the research tab in your Statehouse.

To use a spy you need to select the Spy Mission tab in your Statehouse where you will see the mission types you have currently researched.

Mission types

When at its home settlement a spy can perform two missions.

  • Counter spying – This will try and detect enemy spies in your own settlement
  • Infiltration – this will send a spy to another settlement ready to perform other missions.

Before a spy can do any other missions for you they need to successfully infiltrate another settlement; you can infiltrate your friends and allies settlements but they may not be happy with you if your spies are caught.

  • Withdraw Spy
  • Find out building stages
  • Discover training queues
  • Locate other settlements
  • Find out leader details
  • Spy out movement queues
  • Harm Leader
  • Find out total troop numbers
  • Discover Player's activity
  • Check for Hidden Spies
  • Infiltrate Settlement

The missions will have a rating from suicidal to very easy. The harder the mission the higher the chance your spies will be caught and interrogated. Under interrogation your spies may reveal who it is that sent them and what their mission is however some heroic spies may manage to give out false information.

Completing a mission

Once a mission is successfully completed there is a chance they will remain in place to do another mission for you but you will have to wait a while, how long they have to wait will depend on the difficulty of the mission they completed.

If you fail a mission then your spy may die, sometimes giving away who you are under torture, or they may return to you. If very lucky they may remain in place to try again later.