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Conquer Games

Conquer Games or Conquering Games are a type of game where players work together in clans to build up a village and conquer players and entire clans.

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Play this FREE Conquering Game in which you work together in clans to conquer all and achieve the end game objective. Settle villages, expand them to huge cities and build armies to conquer and smash enemy villages and clans. Conquer the map as the mighty Warriors, the ruthless Barbarians or the powerful Magi. Trade on the ingame marketplace to profit and fight over scarse resources.

Strategy and leadership skills are the key to survival if you wish to conquer your enemies in this online conquering game as you destroy other villages, clans and take down anyone who stands in your way.

Conquer all with a huge army of infantry, missile units, cavalry, catapults and rams to fight alongside your allies in battle.

Players start off with a small village, utilising basic non-military buildings and a few empty patches of terrain in this conquering game. Villages stand strong built on 5 unique terrain squares, consisting of four different types of resource: Wood, Crystal, Metal and Food. The more time spent building resource fields, the quicker the storehouses fill up for use on building structures, researching and training units.

Explorers are provided for each village, who can be sent off to explore hidden terrains and various treasures on the map.

Raid resources from other players on the map using your quickest mounted units to take what you can for your own empire. Train a gruesome leader to lead your soldiers into battle, a noble farmer to gather resources, a wise architect to build and a terrifying leader to conquer villages for your own.

Research enhanced armour for all your units, sharper weapons for all your soldiers, better resource management for your settlers and extra building tools for the architects to build up your settlement.